San Antonio Custom Pool Builder

GreenLife Construction & Restoration is your number one San Antonio custom pool builder. We turn the dreams of property owners to have custom swimming pools into reality. Our expertise, experience, and passion for what we do enable us to build in-ground and above-ground pools that suit the homes and patios of our clients. 

Unlike most pool builders, we don’t settle for traditional pool sizes and shapes. Our crew comprises of experienced swimming pool designers. These design modern pools with amazing features with all the needs of our clients factored in. Be confident that our team will design and build a perfect swimming pool for your home or backyard. 

Ask About Our Custom Pool Designs

Our custom pool building process starts with the design process. This involves experienced designers that come up with drawings that our construction engineers work with. When designing a custom swimming pool, our crew works closely with the client. This ensures that the specifics of our clients are factored into their pool designs. 

Among the designs that we work with include: 

  • Free-form pool design – This swimming pool design mimics a natural water body or a pond. It can feature an organic shape that is curved to mimic the shoreline. This design is ideal for a property owner that wants to enhance the feel and look of their backyard. 
  • Rectangular pool design- A rectangular pool design features an elegant but simple look. Some people prefer it because it has modern aesthetics and it is visually striking. 
  • Geometric pool design- A geometric pool design is traditional. It features symmetrical curves and 90-degree angles. Homeowners that want to utilize the space in their backyard fully choose this pool design.
  • Modern pool designs- We also feature contemporary pool designs that cater to the unique needs of property owners. Simply share the specific features that you want your swimming pool to have and our designers will create a personalized pool for you. 

Whether you need a simple, exotic, or elegant swimming pool, we can design and build it for you. Our swimming pool design consultants will work closely with you to envision a design plan for your property and execute it.

A Quality Residential and Commercial Pool Builder in San Antonio

Anything is possible when it comes to building a swimming pool with GreenLife Construction & Restoration. It’s for a reason that our company is considered the best San Antonio custom pool builder. We have been in the pool building industry for many years. Our crew has designed and built many swimming pools in residential and commercial properties. 

Every pool that we design and build is unique. As such, its design and construction method is also unique. Once you reach out to us, our crew will come over to assess the space where you want us to build a swimming pool for you. Additionally, we will give professional recommendations based on the nature of your property and your specific requirements. 

Essentially, we consider different variables when designing and building swimming pools in residential and commercial properties. Major among these variables include water, rock, and the size of your land. Nevertheless, we build fully-customized swimming pools that our clients are always proud of.

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Your dream of having a custom swimming pool in your backyard will remain just that if you don’t act. We have helped many residential and commercial property owners realize their dreams by designing and building custom swimming pools for them. 

We design and build pools that are: 

  • Beautiful and customized 
  • Energy efficient 
  • Easy to maintain 

The quality of every pool that we design and build is unparalleled and unquestionable. Be confident that we will exceed the expectations you set for us. Call us now to discuss your swimming pool requirements with the leading San Antonio custom pool builder or to request a free estimate!